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pcre-7.1.chm2007-Apr-30 01:04:00347.63KB CHM File
pcre-7.2.chm2007-Jun-21 01:06:00356.30KB CHM File
pcre-7.4.chm2007-Sep-24 01:09:00381.37KB CHM File
pcre-7.8.chm2009-Feb-19 01:02:00415.96KB CHM File
pcre-8.00.chm2009-Oct-21 16:10:00439.02KB CHM File
pcre-symbian-src-6.4.tar.bz22007-Apr-27 01:04:00123.34KB BZ2 File
pcre-vsbuild.zip2009-Mar-08 01:03:0051.32KB ZIP Compressed Archive
pcre-winpcre.mak2011-Jul-18 11:07:005.01KB MAK File
pcre-winxpbuild2010-Oct-01 11:10:002.05KB Unknown File
pcre_ada_src.zip2013-Mar-03 18:03:0010.88KB ZIP Compressed Archive
pcre_subst.tar.gz2007-Apr-27 01:04:002.82KB GZ Compressed Archive
pcrs-0.0.3-src.tar.gz2007-Apr-27 01:04:0031.54KB GZ Compressed Archive
worddefine2007-Apr-27 01:04:003.65KB Unknown File
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This directory contains contributed material that is relevant to the use of
PCRE. Please don't ask the author of PCRE about any of it; it comes from other
authors. Also, some of it is no doubt out of date. Contributions that were felt
to be very out of date and/or superseded by additions to the main PCRE
distribution have been archived in files whose names begin with "archive". Thorsten Schönin
Email local part: tschoening
Email domain:
These are project files for Borland C++ Builder 5, 6,
and XE3. François FABIEN
Email local part: francois_fabien
Email domain:
For the Alioth Computer Benchmark, I have done an Ada
binding to PCRE (partial). It can be found at
It is a thin binder. I have tested it on Windows XP
intel 32 and Debian AMD-64. It does not use JIT so it
is slower than other programs using JIT.

pcre-x.x.chm The x.x HTML documentation, made into a Windows-style
.chm file.

pcre-winpcre.mak PCRE Command Line Makefile for Microsoft Visual Studio
Contributed by Tom Fortmann on April 25th, 2011

pcre-winxpbuild Compile PCRE 8.10 with MS Visual C++ 6.0 on Windows XP
Author: Oscar - Vincent Richomme
Email local part: richom.v
Email domain:
I am currently trying to port pcre to Windows CE
platforms but as a first step I needed to be able to
compile with Visual Studio 200x (2005/2008). So please
find attached my contribution. You need to copy the
build folder to the sources: build, cmake, doc,
testdata, ...

Alexey Semenov
Email local part: swaj
Email domain: swaj dot net
Since there is no Symbian OS port, my small
contribution attached.

Delphi wrapper Renato Mancuso
Email local part: mancuso
Email domain: renatomancuso dot com
Some time ago I created a series of Delphi units to
make PCRE available from Borland Delphi 7. The units,
together with a GUI designer for PCRE regular
expressions, have been freely available from my web
site for more than a year now. I was wondering whether
you would consider adding a link to the Contrib section
in the PCRE FTP site to point at them.

The Delphi units, as well as the GUI designer sources,
are open-sourced and they use the same license as the
corresponding PCRE version they call.

These are the links to the corresponding pages of my
web site:

pcre_subst.tar.gz a convenience function for matching and substituting

pcrs-0.0.3-src.tar.gz Andreas S. Oesterhelt
Email local part: oes
Email domain: oesterhelt dot org
Since I had to write pcre-based substitutions with
Perl s/// semantics for a project, and pcre_subst
didn't do what I wanted, I wrote some code to do that

worddefine Stan Brown
Email local part: stan
Email domain: oakroadsystems dot com
Sample code to show how to redefine what a "word"
character is for PCRE.
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